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Advertiser Spotlight: StickerYou

Posted on Tue, Sep 13, 2016 @ 10:09 AM by Alex Roy


Q: Tell me about StickerYou.
A: StickerYou is the BEST platform in the world where you can upload your own images to create custom stickers, labels, decals, iron-ons, temporary tattoos, magnets and more! Our patent die-cut technology allows you to create custom sticky products in the exact shape you wish. No minimums on most products.

Q: Can you share some highlights from StickerYou’s program?
A: Some highlights include:

  • 9-10% baseline commission (higher for private deals)
  • One of the fastest growing advertiser programs
  • TM+ bidding available
  • Over 350 current publishers
  • deep discounts on products
  • vanity codes available for publishers

Q: What kind of publisher partners are you looking to work with?
We love content publishers! However we are happy to work with other sites as well.

Q: Why would publishers want to join your program?
A: We are honest and fast to work with. We pair high commissions with great deals ensuring we both benefit.

Q: What new products are you coming out with?
A: Decorative Decals were just released! Create custom wall decor in a few clicks. Perfect for offices or around the home.

Q: What is your hottest selling item?
A: White vinyl stickers and labels sell like hotcakes! Temporary tattoos are also very popular during summer months.

Q: Describe StickerYou in one word.

Q: What’s a fun fact about StickerYou?
A: We religiously practice Beer Fridays.

Use the MID 41258 in the Publisher Dashboard to partner with StickerYou.


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