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Automate Is Now Global!

Posted on Mon, Jul 24, 2017 @ 10:07 AM by Jamie Rademacher

We are excited to announce that Automate can now translate into Spanish, Portuguese, German and French, with Japanese coming later this year! This update will make Automate more accessible to our global publishers where English is not the native language.


Gen Z & Social Media: How Centennials Are Using Social Platforms

Posted on Thu, Jul 20, 2017 @ 16:07 PM by Daniel James

Generation Z shoppers are starting to appear in the marketing landscape, and they're using social media more prominently than other generations to help with their purchasing process.


Publisher Spotlight: CRAZE

Posted on Mon, Jul 17, 2017 @ 10:07 AM by Jamie Rademacher


Introducing Insights Wizard: Actionable Insights at the Click of a Button

Posted on Fri, Jul 14, 2017 @ 17:07 PM by Daniel James

Find out what your data is telling you with the Insights Wizard, a new update on the Cadence attribution tool.


[Podcast] Back to School 2017 Trends, Tips, & Strategies

Posted on Tue, Jul 11, 2017 @ 14:07 PM by Daniel James

In our inaugural Rakuten Marketing podcast episode, we tackled back to school marketing. Everything you'll need to know to get started is here, from when the shopping period takes place to what consumers shop for, so listen in and get your back to school affiliate marketing strategies ready!


Infographic: Back-to-School is Upon Us

Posted on Tue, Jul 11, 2017 @ 13:07 PM by Jillian Adams

With July 4th come and gone, the back-to-school shopping season is upon us, and shoppers will soon start making their purchases. Check out the infographic below, showing last year’s peak shopping weeks for specific verticals based on Rakuten Marketing conversion data. Keep these peaks in mind as well as our key recommendations for affiliate, display and search to help you be on top of your game this season.


Publisher Spotlight: Jewel

Posted on Mon, Jul 10, 2017 @ 10:07 AM by Jamie Rademacher


7 Advertiser Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Ace Back to School Marketing

Posted on Thu, Jul 6, 2017 @ 17:07 PM by Daniel James

Back to school season is here once again! As an affiliate marketing advertiser, are your back to school marketing strategies ready?


Rakuten Marketing Shortlisted for 'Industry Choice of Network'

Posted on Thu, Jul 6, 2017 @ 15:07 PM by Jamie Rademacher

We’re delighted to announce that following a global nomination process, we have been shortlisted for the Industry Network of Choice at the International Performance Marketing Awards 2017. The voting is already open, and we’d be delighted if you could show your support and vote for us to win the accolade.


Attend Experience 2017!

Posted on Thu, Jul 6, 2017 @ 11:07 AM by Krystyna Lijek

Experience, the event to empower marketers, registration is open!

Experience is here to empower marketers. Join us on October 25th in New York City for the second annual Experience, an event like no other, both inspirational and educational. We are excited to have famed keynote speaker and storyteller, Ira Glass, TV & Radio Host and Creator of This American Life, Serial, S-Town and more!


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