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Ask the Paid Search Experts: Product Listing Ads (PLAs) on Mobile

Posted on Thu, Nov 13, 2014 @ 03:11 AM by Ken Drab

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Do you think PLAs are important to target on mobile devices and do you think they have a positive impact on overall performance?

PLAs, like Google Shopping, do play a pretty important role - even though we’ve seen some clients may initially be hesitant to test mobile PLAs because of mobile's lower conversion rate. Or perhaps the return isn’t as comparable to desktop performance, but it could also be an untapped opportunity.


We have discovered that, for many of our clients, mobile is often an area where our competitors are not currently present, or their mobile strategy is not sophisticated enough to run PLAs because they are not analyzing the data correctly. One of the advantages is easy to spot: a standard text ad is not as enticing as a product listing ad.

A PLA is more attractive because the consumer will see the image of the product and it offers more of a visual enhancement within the device. By having a PLA presence, especially on mobile, it gives us an opportunity to gain more market share and really capitalize where others are not. We see that consumers are willing to scope out products on their mobile phone, so it gives them an opportunity to do more research. I think that clients are little hesitant with that when it comes to mobile conversion rates, but using our omnichannel reporting can really give us the leg up and provide that visibility.

For one particular client, we decided to take the chance and test mobile PLAs and discovered that a lot of our competitors were not there. We were able to increase our market share and feature a very nice visual enhancement that others were not capitalizing on. Overall it increased top line revenue and showed real value.

Yuly Gonzalez, Senior SEM Specialist Yuly Gonzalez
Senior SEM Specialist
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