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Publisher Spotlight: Wonderdealz

Posted on Mon, Dec 11, 2017 @ 09:12 AM by Jamie Rademacher



Q: Tell us a little about Wonderdealz.
A: Wonderize is a sub-venture of Covus GmbH. We're located in Berlin, but our reach is global. We have coupon portals in US, UK, FR, AT, DE, and CA. Our US site, Wonderdealz (SID: 3382447) is an innovative and design-minded deals portal for the modern, savvy shopper. Our target market is everyone who wants to save money without having to compromise or forfeit big brands, popular items and trends. With an easy to use interface and a presence on social media, we’re interested in building a brand as well as providing our consumers with the latest and most exclusive deals.

Q: Can you share some highlights from your program?
A: Since launching our US site in late March, we've fostered over $500k in cart value for our advertisers in the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network!

Q: What types of advertisers are you targeting for partnerships in the network?
A: We work with every vertical so we're not too picky, but we love working with merchants that our users respond to. We're looking for partners we can grow with.

Q: What do you feel has driven your success in our network?
A: We've got a few things going for us! Firstly, being a part of a venture-builder that has garnered a reputation as an expert in lead generation doesn't hurt. Secondly, our first portal in Germany (3 years ago) has become quite lucrative and it helped open the doorway to network relationships. Thirdly, we wanted to bring a little sexy, a little fun, and a little young back to the coupon/voucher/deal world through our design. We also push through our curated social media channels and our blog. The blog is ultimately there to support SEO endeavors, but we really want to offer valuable content to our users and open the door to new users who we can convert into customers. It's a cheeky blog that's driven by its passion for unique and meaningful content.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about your company!
A: Wonderize is a sub-venture of a venture-builder called Covus which has specialized in lead generation for 10+ years. Located in Berlin, we're a super international team comprised of individuals from over 11 countries!

Q: Describe your company in one word.wonderdealz screen.png
A: Open-minded.

Q: Why did you choose Rakuten Marketing Affiliate?
A: We chose Rakuten Marketing Affiliate for its reputation for prestige, its friendly and adept account managers, and its wide-range of great performing merchants.

Q: What's next for your company?
A: New Geos (TBA) next year! 

If you are interested in partnering with Wonderdealz, search for SID 3382447 in the Advertiser Dashboard. 

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