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Rakuten Marketing Shortlisted for Industry Choice of Network!

Posted on Mon, Aug 7, 2017 @ 16:08 PM by Jamie Rademacher

International Performance Marketing Awards
Following a global nomination process, the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network has been shortlisted for Industry Network of Choice in the International Performance Marketing Awards (IPMAs). The second stage of the process is a public vote to determine the winner, and we’d be honored if you would vote for us to win the accolade.

The Performance Marketing Awards are the largest for the performance marketing sector. In order to recognize the great work across the key regions of USA, MENA, APAC, LATAM, Western and Eastern Europe, they have launched the International Performance Marketing Awards.

Why should you vote for us?

With 16 offices and eight networks globally, our global affiliate network can process payments to 202 countries in 25 currencies. Our team not only takes pride in the innovative technology, commitment to transparency, and the customer service we deliver to clients on a global scale, we also pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the affiliate marketing industry.

The voting for ‘Industry Choice of Network’ is open and we’d be honored if you’d vote for us. Voting is easy, simply click the link below and fill in your details and your reason for nomination.

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