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Benefits of Linking Google Analytics to Google Adwords

Posted on Tue, Jul 14, 2015 @ 09:07 AM by Jessica Damiani

Google Analytics and Google Adwords are valuable tools for marketers to use in order to gain insights on their internet marketing efforts. Individually, the data in each tool offers its own strengths, but their true benefits are only realized when they are linked together.

201507-RS-Blog-Linking-Analytics-to-Adwords Analytics is free and although it may take some time to set-up, implement, and learn how to interpret data, it is an important part of learning how your website is performing and how your audience is engaging with it. It provides helpful data about who is visiting your website, what those visitors are doing while they are there, and how long they are staying. You can even find out where your visitors are located, how they are finding your website, and specific demographics about the type of visitors that are interacting with your website.

If you are running any campaigns on AdWords and have not linked it to your Analytics, make sure you do so in order to see the full potential of having both tools work for your business. Some of the benefits of linking Analytics to AdWords include:

  • Additional Remarketing Lists Available with AdWords – Create specific retargeting lists in AdWords based on the data pulled from Analytics into AdWords based on user behavior such as returning visitors or one that viewed several pages during one visit.
  • AdWords Website/Page Issue Indicators – Zero conversion keywords in Adwords may not be a bad thing. They can indicate that there may be an underlying issue that needs special attention. AdWords metrics such as Avg. Visit Duration or Pages/Visit (which are only available in AdWords when Analytics is linked) can indicate that maybe the visitor is having trouble looking for the information that you promised them in your Ad. You may simply need to update your Ad Copy or try a more relevant landing page.
  • Intelligence Events – Analytics can detect significant statistical variations regarding website traffic, and generates an alert. Use these alerts to identify missed areas of opportunities that can easily be implemented within AdWords.

Whether you manage your own Google AdWords and Google Analytics or they are managed by two different entities, your business will benefit tremendously by linking the two together. In order to link Adwords to Analytics, follow these easy instructions provided by Google here. Your business will thank you.


Jessica Damiani
Account Coordinator
Rakuten Search


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