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Launch to Long-Term: 3 Ways Advertisers Can Maximize Their PPC Team

Posted on Tue, Aug 18, 2015 @ 11:08 AM by Ashley McGee


One of my favorite questions our advertisers ask during the onboarding or launch of a paid search account is, “What do you need me from me?” The most successful launches I have experienced had a collaborative approach out the gate where we can discuss these needs and have honest conversations about the challenges they have faced. Whether you are launching or onboarding an account we have developed 3 simple ways you can get the most out of your paid search and PLA team:

  1. Clearly Define Goals: Is your primary goal to achieve a 5.00 return on ad spend overall or is it to drive traffic with a 40% new visitor rate? Whatever the answer, defining your goals will enable your team to develop strategies and tactics to achieve them. When goals change often or are not clearly defined, your team isn’t maximizing the time they would like to spend optimizing.  I compare it to aiming at a moving target – it can be done, but it’s not always feasible. Keep everyone on track and accountable by identifying these upfront.
  2. Be Honest About Past & Current Challenges: Are you finding that your wholesale partners are driving up your brand CPCs? Have you had challenges with your previous agency not communicating strategy? These pain points help us continue to do what we love doing, problem-solving.  While we all certainly love to talk about what’s going well, sometimes things don’t. An indicator that your team is thinking strategically is when they address these problems and can collaborate with you on how to solve them from the start.
  3. Prioritize Your Lists: If there are certain things that are critical to the operation and success of your business we encourage prioritizing them for your team. For example, each Monday a promotion begins on site at 9 am, forecasting is due to management by end of day and you want a recap of last week’s performance.  While everyone would love to accomplish those all, defining which are most important for your team can really go a long way in the long term operation of your account.  Maybe promotions and forecasting can be accomplished Monday, but once reviewing performance and optimization in the account is needed. An extra day to develop the insights of the performance can give your team back the time to make a difference in the account.

Let’s face it; while our team’s goal is to do all the heavy lifting by identifying how we can improve your paid search account, we thrive on active participation from our advertisers. They are at the core of everything we do. In a results-driven industry we are constantly looking for ways to help advertisers achieve goals, overcome challenges and collaborate with our team. Providing these three answers will not only result in a successful launch, but the long-term management of your paid search and PLA program.


Ashley McGee
Launch Manager
Rakuten Search


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